LPA Prague


High resolution positron lifetime spectroscopy

  • two spectrometers equipped with BaF2 scintillators and Hamamatsu H3378 or Photonis XP2020/Q photomultipliers
  • excellent time resolution of 145 ps and 133 ps, respectively
  • 22Na positron source with activity 1 MBq
  • measurement at room temperature
  • temperature controlled measurements at low temperatures from 300 K down to 10 K
  • special holder for measurement at elevated temperatures from 300 to 600 K

Coincidence Doppler broadening spectroscopy (CDB)

  • two spectrometers equipped with a pair of high purity germanium (HPGe) detectors
- one of them is first fully digital CDB spectrometer of new generation developed in the world which enables to achieve extremely low background
- energy resolution of 0.88 keV at the annihilation line and peak-to-background ratio better than 106
  • CDB spectrum carries information about local chemical environment of defects

Slow-positron beam

  • magnetically guided slow-positron beam intended for positron back-diffusion measurements and investigations of thin films
  • energy of positrons in the beam can be varied in the range 0.01-30 keV
  • equipped with a chamber deposition of thin films by electron beam evaporation

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