How to apply

Open access to LANURMAT facilities is financially supported within the program of Czech Research Infrastructures (project no. ???) in the period 2018-2024. National and international researchers can submit their proposals for the free capacity of experimental facilities within the whole period of project duration. LANURMAT committiee evaluates incoming proposals on the fly on the basis of scientific excellence and allocates an adequate experimental time for the successful applicants within the possibilities of the laboratories, considering also the needs of domestic researchers and their students. Granted access implies infrastructural, technical and scientific support, all free of charge.

Guidelines for application:

The template of application form can be found here. During online submission of your proposal, you will be invited to provide:

  • information about yourself and your home institution
  • general information about the project
  • file or webpage with your CV
  • pdf file with scientific background and/or justification of your project
  • information about the research team
  • technical and instrumental requirements
  • description of the samples
  • requested support from the host institution
  • expected duration of the project

The users are expected to acknowledge the facility in publications containing results based on the data obtained under financially supported access by including the sentence in the form:

Experiments were performed in LANURMAT facility (see:, which is supported within the program of Czech Research Infrastructures (project no. ???).

The users are obliged to send an electronic copy of any of such papers to project coordinator immediately after publication.