Laboratories of Nuclear Methods for Material Research (LANURMAT)

The current material science and the industrial applications of novel functional materials require comprehensive understanding of the connection between macroscopic properties and effects observed in nanoscale range.

The proposed Large Research Infrastructure (RI) aims to provide access to non-destructive methods based on the hyperfine interactions between the nucleus and the electron shell or the positron-electron annihilation to researchers with various scientific background and partners from broad range of industries, including nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, biomedicine, energy harvesting, environmental technologies and water treatment, advanced materials for electronics and magnetic applications etc. All of the experimental techniques available through RI, namely Mössbauer spectroscopy (MS), Nuclear Magnetic and Quadrupolar Resonances (NMR, NQR), and Positron Annihilation (PA), use the nuclei or positrons as local probes in the investigated materials and provide detailed information on the local neighborhood of the individual atoms. A complete list of equipments of the individual laboratories can be found here.

The developing infrastructure is based on the collaboration of top laboratories in the field from Charles University, Palacky University and Institute of Physics of Materials, of Czech Academy of Sciences, and as such is unique within Czech Republic as well as in the European context. The RI offers its services and expertise free of charge to proposals that are selected and accepted on the basis of their scientific excellence.