LNMR Prague


Broadband pulse NMR/NQR spectroscopy of solids

  • ultra-wide-line solid state NMR/NQR spectroscopy with well defined excitation and acquisition conditions within a broad spectral range (without gaps which are standardly present in high resolution commercial NMR devices)
  • investigation of atomic, electronic and magnetic structure of magnetic materials (e.g. magnetic oxides, metals or intermetallics)
  • investigation of wide-range spectra of nonmagnetic materials (inhomogeneously broadened by anisotropic internal or macroscopic interactions)
  • laboratory equipment

- broadband pulse NMR spectrometer console Bruker Avance with two digital frequency synthesizers (SGU) and three transmitters covering the spectral range 10-900 MHz
- customized broadband pulse NMR spectrometer console Bruker Avance II with two digital frequency synthesizers (SGU) and transmitters with a frequency range 10-500 MHz
- high resolution standard bore (SB) cryomagnet Magnex 9.4 T with shim system

  • Bruker wide-line static probeheads

- wide-line probe with frequency range 200-800 MHz and temperature range 150-400 K
- three probeheads for 1H (500 MHz), 19F and X nuclei with LHe flow cryostat, 20-300 K

  • cryomagnet Janis with horizontal field 0-5 T (homogeneity < 10-4), split-solenoid magnet construction, temperature insert 2.8-300 K
  • water cooled electromagnet with horizontal field 0-0.7 T and adjustable gap
  • superconducting solenoid installed in LHe Dewar vessel with field 0-2.5 T at 4.2 K 
  • continuous flow cryostats:

- LHe flow cryostat Janis (2.8-400 K)
- LN2 flow cryostat Janis (80-550 K and 800 K), both usable also as inserts into the SB cryomagnet, home-built NMR probes
- LHe flow cryostat Oxford (3-500 K) usable with the electromagnet

High-resolution NMR spectroscopy of solids and liquids 

  • investigation of structural and dynamical properties of nonmagnetic solids and liquids are studied in materials ranging from small molecules or nanocrystalline materials up to supramolecular complexes, polymers, porous materials or biomolecules and macromolecules
  • laboratory equipment

- high resolution pulse NMR spectrometer console Bruker Avance III, three channels with lock
- standard bore cryomagnet 11.7 T
- multifunctional pulse NMR spectrometer console Bruker Avance III, three channels (19F-1H 470-510 MHz, 2x BB 6-365 MHz) with lock, high resolution mode
- wide bore high resolution cryomagnet ASCENDTM 11.7 T
- rich set of high resolution double and triple probes (broad temperature range, pulse gradients), magic angle spinning CP/MAS probes (4 mm and 2.5 mm rotors)
- temperature range for most of liquid probes 200-400 K, wide-line variable-temperature (20-400 K) static probes
- advanced diffusion/microimaging accessory with high pulse field gradients

Chemical laboratory 

  • equipped with glove box and fume chamber for preparation of all kinds of samples