Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®)

  • Quantum Design PPMS enables measurements of magnetic and transport (thermal and electrical) properties of materials in dependence on temperature (1.9-400 K) and magnetic field up to ±9 T 


  • automatic, computer controlled measuring instruments to determine dynamic (AC) magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials
  • characteristic quantities as power losses, remanence, coercivity and permeability are obtained from measurements of the AC hysteresis loops


  • fully automatic, computer controlled facility to measure the (quasi-)static hysteresis curves (DC) of bars, strips and rings of soft magnetic materials


  • standard equipment for the measurement of magnetic characteristics of permanent magnets

- automatic measurement of the hysteresis loops of permanent magnets
- determination of material properties like remanence, coercivity, maximum energy product, etc.
- measurements at temperatures up to 200 °C with heating poles
- measurements with pole coils on the surface of magnets

Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM)

  • three different variable gap electromagnet configurations providing fields up to 2 T
  • determination of the DC magnetic properties of materials as a function of magnetic field, temperature, and time
  • the low temperature cryostat for measurements in the ranges 4.2 K to 300 K
  • high temperature oven (vacuum or various atmospheres) for measurements in the ranges 20 °C to 800 °C

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