The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Prize 2022

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports awarded graduate RNDr. Lenka Kubíčková, PhD. for her doctoral thesis Study of properties of iron-containing nanoparticles stressing their application potential

The laureate Lenka Kubíčková achieved extraordinary results in scientific activities related to the study in the doctoral program Physics of condensed matter and materials research which could help in medical diagnostics. In the awarded doctoral thesis, in addition to fundamental research, she studied how different parameters of nanoparticles affect their effectiveness as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging.


The ceremony took place at the Wallenstein Palace on the evening of 14th December 2022, where Lenka Kubíčková obtained the prize from the hands of Minister Vladimír Balaš and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Research section Radka Wildová.


The laboratory staff congratulates Lenka on this achievement!


Image credits: MEYS/MŠMT